Certinia Help URL

You can access the Certinia Help and Technical Reference from help.certinia.com.

From Winter 2024, all Help links in Certinia packages and resources refer to this URL. This includes links from:

  • The Certinia Help Lightning component
  • Feature Console features
  • Visualforce pages
  • Analytics app templates and dashboards
  • In-app guidance, such as prompts and walkthroughs
  • Miscellaneous pages and windows
  • All documentation links available in Community and Certinia Trailhead

All published versions of the Help and documentation are available from this URL. All future versions will be published to help.certinia.com.

The previous Help site, help.financialforce.com, is still available, but does not redirect to help.certinia.com. We recommend that you update your bookmarks to reference the new URL to ensure you access the latest information.


Packages older than Winter 2024 might continue to link to the help.financialforce.com site.